Collection: Erstwilder x Pete Cromer Fairy Tales

It’s Erstwilder x Pete Cromer, but not like ever before!

Taking a break from the animals of collections past, this time we’re exploring Pete’s ‘Fairy Tales’ series with the most enchanting characters you could possibly imagine. Inspired by some of the world’s best-loved tales, fables, and more, from frog princes to pumpkin chariots, gingerbread houses to big bad wolves, this release is a celebration of all the wonderful stories we were told as children that still hold a special place in our hearts.

And to meet the standard of these exceptional designs we’ve levelled up our packaging for this release too! The Erstwilder x Pete Cromer ‘Fairy Tales’ collection features book-inspired product packaging, each piece with its own unique colour and identifying symbol on the spine, referencing the story of that design. Standing together, the collection becomes a kaleidoscope of colour with the boxes replicating the look of a book collection on the shelf.